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Default RE: 1/2A ducted fan???

Kamdax sold the Norvel powered F-86. It tilted the entire tail assembly for pitch control, instead of a convoluted linkage to operate the horizontal stab. I took a whack at flying BipeFlyers' F-86 and never did earn my jet pilot rating. It was like trying to balance a balloon on a stick without having any prop blast on the control surfaces to help with takeoff.
Japanman built a much more successful 1/2A F-86 with his own fan unit and a VA engine.
The 1/2A Fantrainer would be a great old "DF" project to re-visit someday with Cyclon power. Not real fast but a real crowd pleaser.
If you have enough SureStarts to mix and match parts with and can perform the basic hop up tricks, you can almost get KillerBee level performance out of one. I suppose then you could experiment with DF set ups on a glider-ish type model to get the feel of it. I think if you could get 12 ozs worth of thrust it would be feasable to build a little jet with enough power to at least fly.