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Default RE: 1/2A ducted fan???

I think you could make a plane that flys o.k with a sure start. You would need it to be light- I think you want to be about 12oz to work.
In my experiments I found that high rpms are not necessary, and about 4.5 inches of pitch with about 50% blade area in the duct works well.
I think something you need to think about is time here- it is all and order of complexity more than a simple prop- so you want to be prepared for that.
My best bet for success would be getting the edf unit sold by kyosho about 5 years ago and using it. The impeller will work but needs to be very carfully looked after as it is made of very brittle stuff- but it will hold together unless you throw rocks at it.
Build a very very light plane and tell us how you go!