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Default RE: baja clutchbell screw??

I'm having a hard time picturing this as I didn't pay enough attention last time I changed that screw, but:

1) Before you install the screw, can the pinion slide back and forth along the keyway in relation to the CB? If so, there will be positions of the pinion where there may be some shear exerted on the bolt. So, if there is some side-loading on the screw, and if this changes twice per revolution, fatigue can be expected due to the alternating loading of the pinion in single shear. Next time mine breaks, or I have the clutch apart, I'm going for the 5mm bolt.

2) Loc-washers really don't do much. By the time a bolt is loose enough that the lock-washer can help, it's also loose enough to fatigue as the pinion to CB can't be a perfect fit, and some wobble must occur. Since I will use loc-tite, I think I'll just put a flat washer there instead.

3) Mine broke twice. First time was from when the factory put it in, so can't comment on that. Next time was me forgetting to use loc-tite when I was upgrading the clutch spring. In-between those two times, it was used a lot and the bolt didn't break.