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Jeff Worsham
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Default RE: Any thoughts on this Kyosho Concept 60?

ORIGINAL: redvtr1000

I looked into it pretty good though b/c when I started flying helis I had that brand new nexus. I didn''''t care if it was state of the art, if I could have easily found parts for it I would have crashed that thing a hundred times by now. But, finding simple stuff was a pain so I figured better to sell it for 175 bucks and use that dough towards something I could crash and get parts for rather than crash it one time and have to toss it in a box while I spent six months scouring ebay and the forums for spare parts.
Thanks for the confirmation on what it would be like getting parts. That''s exactly what I was thinking when my wife said "why don''t you just keep it and learn to fly it?" Well I knew there would be a lot of crashing involved along the way....