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Default coreless servo advantage?

I'd like to amplify a little. Using a coreless motor in a servo doesn't guarantee the servo is superior; likewise, using a 3-pole motor in a servo doesn't mean the servo is inferior. However, coreless motors are more expensive than poled motors and coreless motors do lend themselves, or are better suited, for precision applications. Therefore, while it is possible to have a high precision, high torque, high speed servo that uses a 3-pole motor, odds are the manufacturer will select a coreless motor instead. The flip side; because of high coreless motor costs, the manufacturer won't bother selecting a coreless motor unless they are designing a precise servo. In the real world, what this means is that if a servo is listed with a coreless motor, odds are strongly in favor of that servo being very precise and smooth. Likewise, if a servo is listed as using a 3-pole motor, odds are the servo wasn't designed for precision.