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Default Rainbow beach sand dunes......baja+revo !

Sry l have no video, l was up there on work, threw the beasts in for the afternoon when l'd finished, the sand dunes at rainbow beach are over 100 metres high, dunes sharp cliff-faces, stumps rocks, the beach and NOISE ! LOL ! The baja flew up a 100 odd metre 45 degree sand dune flat stick, hit the top no problems at all with standard tyres, even l was amazed, the revo, 4x4, reaches the top first run also but not as fast, the revo can stop on the way up and take off again without bogging the baja cannot, but if the speed is kept up it just flies up, going down a couple of cliff-faces, very steep like 50 and over degrees, the baga just slid most of the way and crash landed at the bottom, quite a scarry experience, from standing at the top driving, l moved half way down with the revo as its AM radio'ed, it went down with amazing control in some spots and NONE in others , hahaha, flipped a couple of times LOL, hit the bottom sideways and flipped onto its llid had to go flip it over, man that sucked, long way down and up LOL , all in all, l drove the baja for 2 hours and the revo for about 3/4 of an hour, both fun, the baga is just such a lazy mans machine, you gotta love it !