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Default RE: Parkzone Typhoon 3D ?

ORIGINAL: keithn4

Just joined the typhoon club, got one in the post today plus a dx6i.

iv a question about a servo.
ive connected the radio equipment up and all is well except that the rudder servo is not working, everthing else is working fine.
ive tried to plug the rudder servo into the elev slot, this made the servo move on its own while all the others where fine.

any one any ideas?
Plug the elevator servo to the rudder connection on the receiver and see if moving the rudder control moves the elevator. That would indicate receiver/transmitter are OK.

Make sure the plug to the rudder servo is not reversed. If it is, the servo will not work. If it is not reversed and the above test is OK, then there is something wrong with the servo.

Hope this helps.