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Default R168DF Ch.2 glitch problem

I have an unusual interference problem using this model receiver and my T6EXAP transmitter in a newly assembled and launched GP Super Skybolt. I have used this radio combo in several other airplanes with no problems and I have tried two different receivers and had the same problem. The problem is with the elevator (CH 2) only and only when airborne. Ground range checks are normal. When airborne I sometimes experience a sudden, hard pitch down. Fortunately it is brief and I have had enough altitude to recover with. The location and setup of the receiver, antenna, battery, and servos are exactly as shown in the instruction manual for the ARF. The antenna is routed aft through the fuselage in a pre-installed plastic tube. ALL push rods are steel rods running in pre-installed Nyrods, including two for the elevator that are joined with two wheel collars as per the instruction manual near the servo and just above the antenna. The antenna touches no metal parts as it exits the fuselage. I hope someone can shed some light on this problem for me as I am at a loss for an answer.