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Default RE: R168DF Ch.2 glitch problem

Have you used another transmitter with the receiver? used a different servo?

On your next range check, place the plane on the ground and go out about 300 feet or more and place the transmitter on the ground. That will show up range problems. Also make sure your antenna is colapsed on the transmitter. I heasitat to mention this, but a couple months back, one of the guy was doing a range check with his antenna fully extended. This guy is on his third plane and has been flying for over a year and no one had pointed out the need to have the transmitter antenns colapsed. This was just in case you were like my friend.

What you may try for trouble shooting is to do take the wing off so you can get access to the receiver and servos and with the engine running tap the components in the plane one at a time with the eraser on a pencil. This extra viberation may show up a problem.

Last, have you checked the top wing mountings closely to make sure it isn't changing incidence on you. I had my 4*60 up last week and it just wasn't flying right. It keep needing down elevator for level flight then needing up elevator. After a couple minutes of this it dawned on me that I hadn't tightened the wing bolts. I brought it in and one bolt was about two turns from tight and the other about five.