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Default RE: I would never enter a contest because......


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Contest fliers tend to take this hobby much too seriously. I fly for fun. My flying buddies and I laugh a lot while we fly. You don't see much of that at a contest.

This is an interesting comment. You should spend some time on the start line at a pylon race. We joke and rib each other more than I have ever seen sport flying. This comment is a misconception and I think you would be surprised to find competitors more helpful and generally better mannered than the sport pilots.
So, you're saying that the fliers that you compete with have a "fly-for-fun" attitude rather than a "fly-to-win" attitude. I have flown competitive pattern, scale and "fun-fly", and I can guarantee that none of the people I competed against cared about anything but winning.

You have been very lucky in your choice of competitive venues. Actually, what you're doing sounds more like sport flying around pylons to me.

Of course when we enter an event we all want to win or at least improve. There is nothing wrong with that. Competition is the driving force for improvement. It eliminates stagnation. But we still have a great time with one another. Never winning at the expense of others feelings. I have flown in so many events I doubt that I have been lucky by my experience, on the contrary I think you have been unfortunate. For that I am sorry.