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Default RE: Vacuum infusion or bagging?

In all likely hood, vacuum bagging will be your method of choice. It requires less planning and a few less materials and has less opportunities for catastrophic failures.

Resin infusion is the same as vacuum bagging except that you have to plan for the proper flow of the resin once you have pulled a vacuum. This requires proper placement of infusion ports, vacuum ports, and resin highways. Without a lot of planning, experience, and/or simulation software, getting this right the first couple of times is a rare occurrence. The benefits of resin infusion is less release of volatile fumes, better air evacuation from the laminate, and the ability to reposition the dry fabrics and reinforcements after the first vacuum is pulled.

With vacuum bagging a pre-wetted lamination, you can guarantee that you achieve proper resin saturation. With the proper peel-ply's / breather plys, you can achieve similar air evacuation.