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Default RE: I would never enter a contest because......

I'm not sure, but maybe you're question is directed more toward real competition events versus "Fun Fly" events. "Fun Fly" events are supposed to be just that... FUN. The more competitive events are more serious by their nature. I always played a lot of sports growing up, but at some point I realized I just wasn't good enough to be competitive beyond my high school years. Now if I play any sports, it's merely for fun. Someday I would like to participate in scale competition, but like I posted earlier, I have some work to do before I feel like I can be competitive. On several weekends at the field, quite a few of us get our .40-.60 size sport planes up for some impromptu pylon racing (minus the pylons). Sometimes aircraft get damaged or destroyed, but it's fun and we harbor no hard feelings about it. It's that kind of impromptu flying that creates the desire to formalize such an event, and thus a competition is created and ego's along with bragging rights come into play. I'll shut up now, I'm starting to get long winded on this subject.