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Default RE: I would never enter a contest because......

ORIGINAL: overbored77

I fly competitive Pattern, I have seen both the fun side and the competitive (ultra serious) side of my fellow pilots. We get alot of time to
BS and joke around in between rounds. Competition isn't for everyone and I don't believe that flying in competition makes you any better
of a pilot than a person who practices the same way I do. IMO you don't need to compete to add structure to your flying. I know alot of
pilots at my field that fly the pattern schedules and have not and never will enter a competition. they just like the discipline of practicing
a set routine.
You are right, IF they practiced the same way you do. That is generally not the case though. The pilots at your field I believe are an exception.
One thing I notice, I do not care about wind as much as the other club members. When at a contest you are forced to fly in the wind so when out sport flying it is no big deal given the right airplane.