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Default Airboat gets unstabel when getting over a certen speed

Hey i am a novis, in the RC Airboat model building area.

i have build 2 airboats from scratch
bu thay both seems to have the same problem.

when i get over a certen speed it starts to skip... and get unstable (half throttle)

check out my video. it is of my little cat style Airboat(my first one)
but my large flatbottom have same problems, i tryed to make ajustabal Ailrons to correct the problem, but it dont seem to help.


video of the large one, it is a little hard to se, but the when i shoot this video i only sails with half trotle,
it sails with an Brushless Engien running 1000Rpm/V and on 4 LipoCells (14,8V) with an APC 8"x6" prop

hobe some one cant help with some guidelines waight distribution, and so on.

/Jacob Ipsen - Denmark