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Default RE: Parkzone Typhoon 3D ?

Well I finally got out for the second time with the TY and had just as much trouble as the first time . Our field still is in bad shape and not open from the flood so I went to the Davenport club which gave us an invite to fly at theirs till ours is open . Well I found out what many others have that the radio that came with the TY 2 is crap . It wasn't the wind that caused my problems my first time out it was the radio . There was only 7mph winds plus this time other pilots were there and they all said it wasn't me jerking the plane around . It acted exactly like it did the first time jerking this way and that with out any stick input . They also thought it was tail heavy . I never even checked the CG to see where it is . Wow ! I don't know what to do now . I ranged tested the ZX 10 and it seemed OK but not while flying . I already sent one TY back because of the radio not working at all so I imagine sending another one back and getting a radio that is good is a waste of time . I tried hooking up my Futaba 6EX TX and Rx to it but the elevator glitches and the throttle didn't work at all . At least my ego isn't as bruised as it was knowing it is the radio and not me . It is sooo disappointing to finally spend the money to take the plunge to brushless and lipos just to have the radio be sh#@ . My last electric 3 years ago was a Space Scooter which flew great with the included radio but I needed more excitement and went to glow . The last couple years I thought it would be nice to have a good more advanced electric for convenience of flying at more places than just the club . The money held me back till now but I thought the TY2 was good deal with the brusheless,lipo and charger . I guess I now have to get a spectrum radio for a couple hundred bucks like many others have just to be able to fly the TY 2 .