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Default RE: Parkzone Typhoon 3D ?

ORIGINAL: outacontrol41

Just got a Typhoon 2 today. I've not flown it yet and this is my first plane using lipo 3 cell batteries. My question is...do I really have to take the batteries out of the fuse everytime I recharge. According to the instructions, you have to take it out, put it in something that's heat retardant and sit there and watch it until the green light comes on. After which, you have to take it off charge or it will catch your vehicle on fire! It's set up for cigarette lighter outlet. no less, so you have to charge it in your vehicle. Any advice on this would be helpful.
By the way...this plane looks like it will be a lot of fun.[8D]
I know that is dumb isn't it charging it inside your car . I got the adapter with the alligator clips and charge it in an old crockpot inside my hobby room with a 12V gel cell . Horizon Hobby has it for $3.99 item # HBZ6513 or radio shack has a more heavy duty one for $8 or $9 dollars . I am so dissapointed that I have not been able to have a decent flight with mine because of radio problems . I hope someone answers my questions . Could you look at your receiver and tell me is the wire on the servo leads next to the words orange or brown ?
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