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ORIGINAL: Redvanmafia

Thats 600+ bucks gone, cause put his new 400 dollar e-maxx in the water, electricy and water dont mix, i dont want to hear anymore stupid storys, whos paying for all this?, if its you then great go for it spend all the money you want but if its daddys money, and you just go run that into the water, you wouldnt be my son anymore

hey man I live on a small island. There is water everywhere. Im not a kid I not rich either (30years old and make about $40,000 a year and I support a wife and 3 kids) It was accident I didnt know I was that close to the water. I was over 50 yards out from the truck(it got there quicker than I did). I had never ran in that area before and at a distance it looked just like a beach that slopped down to the water(no big deal) but it wasnt it was bulkheaded(no more sand) and I jumped the little sand hill twice before hitting it the wrong way. I didnt even know it had fell into the water. I tried to revese it b/c it was out of my sight and then I seen water flining up. So I tried to go straight and seen the same. I thought it was just stuck or something until I got up to it and seen that it was 3 1/3 feet down in to the water(salt water to boot[])

Man crap happens. I have these things to have fun with. I jump my E-lst2 over my house and off a 100ft dune with no worries b/c they are for fun and thats why I got them. Sometimes sh*t goes wrong! Its part of it.