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Default RE: MaxCatV1-L Scratch Build


Hi Mart, The wood you see on them pictures is 5.2 mm thick or about 3/16”; it is birch plywood 4X8 foot from the Home depot store. Thank you for the comment.


Harold, your build looks like it is going very well. I've got a couple of sets of plans for scratch-built cats and I hope to get started some time in June.

I've got a comment on the thickness of the wood that you're using: it seems to be pretty thick. Anyway, it is pretty neat that you were able to find a large 4X8 sheet of Birch plywood at Home Depot. I'm going to have to check my local store to see if they've got any of it. I've never built a hull as large as your hull (58") but I did build a very nice 48" wood mono and all of the frames were built from 1/8" (~3mm) thick Okoume wood. The transom was doubled, of course. It seems to me that 5.2mm thick wood appears to be on the thick side but what do I know ? It may be just perfect for a 58" hull. You might be just a bit on the heavy side but that isn't so much of a problem with gas powered boats. My wood mono is a little too light!

Keep you pictures coming as it helps all of us with our builds.