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Default RE: crt needs a new heart


Jammins definatly should have .28s or fully modded .21s in them. But since you say you run on technicle tracks, you shouldnt have much of a problem with fuel economy since you wont be on the throttle too hard. So therefore you should definatly get a race .28 but keep it stock. Theres some nice .28s out there that are good on fuel and of coarse, have plenty more power than any .21. The Novarossi .28, the OS .28, jammin .28. The one I have first hand experience with is the RB 928, this engine is a beast even when its not in tune. I have it on my st-rr and its nothing but wheel spinning power even under 1/4th throttle, this engine is the sh1t for any offroad truck. You should definatly look into those engines I mentioned for your truggy, and a good clutch.
yeah i was runnin an picco .28 8port with a fioroni 3 shoe with 2 ergal and 1 carbon and jp-4, ran perfect till i put the connecting rod through the side of the block