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Beautiful plane cavandish
This last weekend I took out my faithful Twist 60 and never flown Revolver. Figured I would get some flights in with the Twist and then take the revolver up for its test flight. As luck would have it, my control surfaces on the Twist were chattering, so no flying that plane!! Ok, so I get the nerves up to fly the revolver as I had not flown the past month.
WOW!! What a great little flyer, It did everything its capable of flawlessly!! Landings are also a breeze...Advise form previous posts were well taken and have dubro landing gear installed.. Our runway is asphalt and takeoffs were a little squirrly, but loved the plane, I installed a Surpass 70 and had no reason to go full throttle.
If anyone has comments about the control surfaces chattering on my Twist I would love to hear them...The radio is fine as it is the same one used for the revolver and no chattering there.