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Default RE: Official XTM Monster MT Thread

This isn't exactly a place to start a thread about something other than XTM, Besides the Mammoth Kit slams all 3 of those and they also have there problems. Remember something for every one complaint you hear about any RC there are thirty or fourty people out there who are happy with there MMT. All of my customers love there MMT's because they are made aware of there limitations and what it takes to keep them in running order. Its not a Truggy, if your doing outragious jumps you need to know how to do them and thats tricky as hell with a 2 speed. Grab that Savage and do some full throttle landings and the gears come out of it just like the MMT and even worse with the Traxxas. Most of whats wrong with an MMT is the wheels, they suck because they develope flat spots sitting on them for months before they get sold [] I sell all the models your talking about and get them back for repairs and not one of them doesn't have its downfalls..........You see me with the XTM logo because its the only one I sell on line since Startlogic screwed up my other web site good luck what ever you get and believe nothing that you hear and about half of what you see [&:]