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Default RE: New Great Planes Revolver

Freeair -my god that sounds complicated.

If I am lucky enough to have a new rev to fit out, before even starting, I will totally remove the gear mounting plate with a dremal & replace with a block of ply an inch and a half deep, this block will be epoxied to the bulkheads for and aft of it, and to the sides, she'll be leveled off with the drenel to match the bottom of the fuse & retrimed with a bit of white film(if you are carfull at the start you can peel the original film back & replace now) then the gear will be mounted with some meaty self tappers or wood screws. I did the same with 2 w/m cap 232, they both suffered hidious crashes, but that gear block did not move , my rev had some tough old landings in the early days and a couple of prangs, but the gear is still well a truly 'on there' after more than 75 od sortie's.