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Default RE: I need a crystaless transmitter.

OK, now that you have changed the topic a bit, you have a couple choices. Probalby the best is 2.4ghz. The other is synthetizied RF modules, but then you need a synthethizied receiver or a crystal on the channel you chose. That route is going to cost big bucks.

What you want is a 2.4ghz system. Shop Tower, Horizon, and Hobby Lobby for one that fits your need. Those three companys will have just about the full spectrum of radios avaiable today. You are not going to get much in the way of discounts other than using the specials and the monthly discounts that Tower offers. Those three are the US dristributiors for most of the radios sold here. As they all have a retail sales arm on the internet, they are not going to deep discount to someone who will undercut their sales by very much.