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Default RE: I need a crystaless transmitter.

ORIGINAL: Igotntc3andrevo

Hello everyone, I have been in the hobby of rc cars for a long time and have only had one remote after the stock one for all my cars. My airtronics mx3 is starting to fail me so it is time for me to upgrade. I have invested around 600 dollars into an electric pro mod and want it safe. what would be a good frequency free radio i would like to stay in the 200 dollar range if its a little more then thats fine but 300 is pushing it.

MX3 also makes a FHSS 2.4GHz and a MX3S synthesizer both are crystal free,I know that HobbyPeople has the FHSS 2.4GHz for $149.99 and the synthesizer for less that is a sweet deal for a crystal free radio i hope this help's.