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Default RE: I need a frequency free radio

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I hate to be argumentive, but all radios have a fequency. ALL. I have a Futaba 9CAP supper with a synthizer module on the RF module and a synthizer receiver. The still have a frequency. No crystals though. They can't talk to each other unless they are on the same frequency.

2.4ghz is the same. The frequency band is 2.4ghz, but there are a huge number of sub frequency that the radios can switch between on that band. The Futabe Fasst constantly switches frequencys to skip around interference, but if the TX and the RX are not on the same frequency, they just can't comunicate.

Its the same for TV, AM radio, Fm Radio, Satlite Radio, police radios, you name it. If the receiver and the transmitter are not on the same frequency, there is no comunications. Crystals are just a clean way to control frequency, but not the only way.


I agree! The reason i like the 2.4GHz is that when, I do go out racing i dont worrie about interrupting others frequencys or try to find an available frequency.The 2.4GHz finds it own,Plus you gotta love the short attenna.