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Default RE: What do you think of FORMOST 150 ?

Ok, I shimmed up the stab by putting 1/16" worth of washers on top of the fin at the aft bolts. Also shimmed the right boom which was flopping around on the spar and that resulted in evening up the booms back by the stab taking out some droop that was here.

Results were effectively not much of an improvement. The airplane will fly straighter thru an immelman on take off, but the pitch trim was only improved some. If anything, the roll trim variation with speed got worse. However, when accelerating to full speed it now climbs and rolls left rather than dives and rolls left. So, the next step will be trying to figure out whats wrong with the wing alignment.

Today it was nearly dead calm. One of the few times I've flown it with no wind. Really shows the need for a speed brake with the residual thrust from the P-80. Really hard to kill off the speed in the pattern.