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Default RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?

Hey Def,

Nah, not much flying in here today, it has been windy all day long. I flew a little while ago, but it wasn't much fun due to the wind. I had a minor crash, scraped up the blades a little, and bent the spindle, no big deal. I think it was a combination of the wind and a bit of disorientation, the heli was at a weird angle, going backwards and sideways at the same time....gets me every time when that happens!

I did figure my battery problem out though, I think it is the stock Eflite charger that is messing up. I charged the packs that were giving me a false bad cell reading on the C505 charger, and they seem fine now. I am sending a bunch of stuff back to Horizon for warranty work on Monday.

That sucks with the CPP...I hate it when I miss flying time when the weather is nice. It's so rare lately to have a nice calm time to fly, I like to take advantage of it when I can.

So, you gonna try those blades you showed us on eBAy?