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Default Multiplex - Programming Profi 4000 for Ultra Stick 60 Part II

If servo 6 is appearing in assign mixers it is because servo 6 is assigned to servomix. Go to menu2, assign servos and assign 6 to unused.

When assigned direct to a control, a servo's curve defaults to -100%, 0%, +100%. When assigned to a servomix all inputs default to a curve of 0%, 0%, 0%. Have you been into menu1, servos, travel/curve and set travel values at each end point for the rudder and flaps servos? Are they set to ON and not to OFF or S01 etc? If all that is OK, check in menu 1 controls that you have not somehow managed to turn rudder and flap control travels down to 0%.

"Limit" does not make a servo travel! You need to go into travel/curve to set the travel values. Limit is there to prevent an accumulation of mixer values from overdriving a servo, or driving past a point you want to limit. Lets say you have aileron and flap mixed to a servo, in travel/curve both are set to 80% travel. Each input on its own will drive the servo to 80% but if flap is down and aileron is applied the 2 inputs will add up and drive the servo beyond 80%. The Tx will keep adding the inputs and sending the signal but subject to the maximum value set in the "limit" field. In normal circumstances you would not expect to alter the limit from its default of 100%.