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Default Re: Yup fixed that

Originally posted by jtholley03
With the above information can you give me a starter mixer. Something like flaps/elev/throttle. Maybe if I get one under my wing (no pun intended) I can halfway figure out the others.
Rudder and flaps working now?

I take it you want to try elev to flap mixing, making flaps work as ailerons etc? Go to menu 2, assign mixers, select each flap servo and at input 2 add Elevator without trim. How about next step being to make the flaps join in as ailerons. Make input 3 Aileron. Since the main ailerons will do the trimming you can choose with trim or not with trim into the input, I would suggest without. Why not go for crow as well, we will call the control "spoiler". Assign a slider or switch to spoiler, then add spoiler as input 4 to the flap servos.

Still in menu2 assign mixers, select elevator servo and set input 2 to flap, input 3 spoiler. This will let us trim the elev for flap and crow brake use. Add throttle as an input if you want to trim out pitching due to throttle setting.

If you want, you can keep the ailerons pure, or add in a bit of flap and a bit of elev mixing by setting the ailerons inputs to flap and to elevator. If crow braking, set an aileron input to spoiler.

Go to menu 1, servos, travel/curve. Flap servos, you have already set the flap input. Go to input 2, elevator, select the value field, pull back on the elevator and choose a value for ele->flap mix, push down ele and set that mix, do same for the other flap servo. Finally choose a switch if you don't want it on all the time, do for both servos. Choose input 3 aileron and select the value field, push the aileron stick over and set a value each way, do for both servos. Choose input4 spoiler, switch it on or move slider to crow brake position and set value of flap you want during crow.

The elevator trim compensation will really need to wait flight test to know which direction to trim and roughly how much. But we can be confident that hi power, and flap will cause pitch up. Don't know which way crow will affect it. Go to elevator servo, travel/curve, input flap, put flap down and set value for a tiny touch of down trim, go to throttle input open throttle and set a tiny touch of down trim. Since pitch tends to lag behind the immediate throttle you can set a time delay for the trim by setting the time value for the throttle input to 25 seconds - that covers end to end travel of the servo and since the trim is a fraction of that, the delay is that fraction of 25 seconds.

Go to aileron servo travel/curve, go through each input adjusting values and assigning switches as required.