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Default Got halfway

And that was switch (not stitch).

Go to menu 1, servos, travel/curve. Flap servos, you have already set the flap input. Go to input 2, elevator, select the value field, pull back on the elevator and choose a value for ele->flap mix, push down ele and set that mix, do same for the other flap servo. ........

OK how do I "set that mix".

Only way I could figure to do it was with the + or - not the stick.

What this did was apply flap anytime I applied elevator.

Backward from what I wanted. Starting simple I just want to compensate elevator when I apply flap. And then work in throttle.

What I have learned would be good to throw into expo for exteme elevator to 3D.

Got everything else prograamed but totally cornfused now.

Thx, I have learned more todau than I have in 3 yrs (yes very sad I know).