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Default Re: Got halfway

Originally posted by jtholley03
What this did was apply flap anytime I applied elevator.
JT, you missed out the last step in my instructions which is to assign a switch, you need to do it for both servos.

Your Tx should have come with a set of metal foil labels for the switches so you can see what they are without opening the Tx every time. Some are already printed, some are blank for you to write your own name. I keep meaning to have some photos of the switches especially the non-standard switches in non-standard places that I have installed, but I will need to borrow a digicamera from someone.

The flap->ele mix instructions were buried deep inside my last post as well. Menu2, mixers, ele servo, input2=flap. Menu1, servos, travel/curve, ele servo, input2flap. Put the flaps down. Activate the values field (bottom right triangle), one of the end points 1 or 3 should be flashing, adjust to the trim value that you want.

When you are in travel/curve and activate the value field, one of the bars on the graph will flash to correspond to the stick/slider/switch position in real time. At the right hand side it specifies which point you are at, pt1, pt2 etc. Any adjustment of the value will be the value at that point. But you probably don't know if down flap is point 1 or point 3, if up ele for the ele->flap mix is point 1 or point 3, and so on. So rather than choose the point manually with the bottom right and bottom left triangle buttons, I move the stick to full and that makes the correct point 1 or 3 active. To set ele->flap I pull full back and adjust that value while watching the surface move in real time, then push full forward which activates the point at the other end and adjust that value. Partial stick movement will not activate the end points for the purpose of adjusting values because they are full stick travel points. If you have a 13 point curve you can see the active point move across the graph as you move the stick part way.