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Default Tracker II flaperon work-around

Listen up all you Tracker II owners - I have been working on a work-around for those who haven't sent your transmitters in for the Flaperon update. It uses 2 of the 3 P-mixes, but it seems to work fine.

1). Set your wing mix to "no wing mix" in the Track 1 programming.
2). Select Data Save and press Data + to save.
3). Turn the Tx off, and back on for the change to take effect.
4). Assuming you want proportional flaps, connect ch 1 & 6 to your ailerons (if you want a flaps switch, use ch 5 wherever my instructions say ch 6)
5). Set your Flap rate to 50%
6). Set Pmix-1 master = ch 1, slave = ch 6, M => S rate = 100% and M S rate = -50%, and M