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Default 2.4 ghz radios??????????

Ive been looking at the new Airtronics RDS8000FHSS and now also looking at the Spektrum DX7. Also thinking about the JR 9303 or the JR12X top of the line.
Is there alot of difference in these controllers besides how many channels? Im going to fly all types of aircraft electric,gas,helis.
I don't know if I will get into full scale craft. How many channels does a person really need and with the mixing alot of planes use now
on their control surfaces? Do I need maybe more then one controller over buying one top line one like the JR12.
I seem to see alot of people using the DX7 or even the DX6i and a few Airtronics. Their new one has alot of stuff on it.
I can buy two DX7 for what one JR12X cost but Im sure it does alot of stuff. I also try to keep in mind the cost of the rcvrs and servos.
Trying to get the most for the money and one that will work with all models servos rcvrs etc.