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Default RE: Is There A Helicopter?

these helis are all IDENTICAL.. (i have several of them and can confirm it)

(but some of the heli magazines consider them all different because of the brands and actually have DIFFERENT scores/reviews on them. go figure. basically i think a company sells the helis to several customers, and then the customer just add thier stickers, and canopy designs to it. it is all ONE THE SAME. even the TX/RX is the same.

exceed: FALCON 40



walkera : 4#1

there are a few more as well. again these listed above are EXACTLY the same heli. best way to figure out if you see another heli that looks identical/simialr, see if you can find a picture of the transmitter it uses. if it is IDENTICAL to yours then it is the same heli. (except stickers...those will vary) if the transmitter looks DIFFERENT..then it has different electronics on it, and you cannot swap them out.

now there are some SIMILAR helicopters. Some/most of the parts are interchangeable, but not all. you have to do some research. what is important is that the electronics are DIFFERENT, both TX, and RX wise compared to the helis listed above. you cannot mix-n-match them. it is all proprietary.

esky: HONEY BEE (uses a 3in1 RX..not a 4in1 RX, as those listed above.)

selective R/C: DARK NIGHT (unsure of electronics..but not compatible with those above)

trendtimes : DRAGON (unsure of electronics..)

aerohawk micro : EP (unsure of electronics)

twister: INDOOR

for the original 4 listed at top of post. you will find them twitchy, and finicky. but a blast none the less. they are not outdoor helis for sure. unless you have ZERO wind. be VERY easy with landings, it doesnt take much to wad the skids up ... best FIRST upgrade to get is

-7.4v 900 to 1300 mah LIPO battery. (less weight than the 8.v batteries. longer flight times.)

-SUPERSKIDS landing gear (add weight, but makes it considerably tougher in the landing dept.)

hope it helps.

BTW, there is a forum here for the FALCON 40... i go there often, good birds, but on the cheap side. but an excellent tool to get into the helis.

http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_48..._1/key_/tm.htm see ya there.