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This is the official press release and word that DIAMOND DUST RC is back in production.
Due to medical reasons Diamond DUST RC was dormant for a few years and now is back
in production of the ORIGINAL Diamond Dust. We are happy to announce that the originator/inventor
of the Diamond Dust, Jeff Gilbert, will be heading development and production of the DDust Kits in
partnership with Tetracam, Inc. We will first be offering them as kits, then ARFs later on in the year.
Kits should be available by late summer.

We do have the Park Flyer version of the Diamond Dust called the Feather Duster available.
Its as agile as the original D Dust, but designed as an electric parkflyer. Speeds @80MPH

Please check out Diamond Dust RC's website for further details and information regarding release dates.


Diamond Dust Team