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Default RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?


Nah, a little too windy for the Quark today, plus I am in like a "sim mode" right now, I am just doing the sim for hours at a time, trying to get the basics down a bit better before I go back out with the B400. I am slowly learning from my mistakes on the sim, and just how much I don't know, like flying backwards. I have been practicing getting out of my "nightmare" scenario, which is having the heli fly away from me nose in, backwards, and sideways at the same time...that gets me every time!! I always end up correcting the wrong direction when the heli is doing that.

I think I will be able to replace the bearings in the B400's motor. After I get the new one in there, I'm going to take the old one apart, and see if I can get the bearings out of it. I found the thread I was looking for, and apparently the bearings are 3mm x 7mm x 3mm .... and I found them on Boca Bearing's site for like $4 each. They are also in an Align kit of some sort, for the T-Rex 600... One guy said he has sent like 3 motors back to Horizon, and they replaced them. But, as the other guy said, the postage would cost as much as the bearings, and with no 2 week or so turnaround with sending them to HH.

I talked to Helismith, and Helihobby sent my order out on Monday, which was very cool. But, I never did receive any kind of confirmation emails, for the invoice, or shipping. He said he is going to work on it...and agreed that it is a BIG problem, if customers don't get confirmation of their orders...he seems to think that their firewall is blocking the emails or something like that... he also said that Nikki at Helihobby put some goodies in with my order, to make up for the issues on the training gear order. They seem very sincere in making things right, and I think they are taking it seriously. I am glad I gave them a second chance, and I hope it helps them improve their service. It's always good to have alot of choices when ordering parts and stuff.

I hope to get some flying in tomorrow, if it's not too windy again...I think the B400 motor can hang in there for a few battery packs anyways...

Glad to hear that you got some flying in today...

Hope the weather cooperates for the rest of the week for you..