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Default RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?


I just got back from being on the sim. I was practicing inverted flight. I tried to go inverted in every position I could think of to confuse me, but I did ok. Then I tried to flip at the rate of the T-Rex. I also tried inverted autos. The pros make that look to easy. I couldn't flip it over and crashed. The sim really helps out in working out stuff that is hard in real life.

I new Helismith would get everything straighten out with your order. It is cool that you are going to get some free goodies.

Have fun with the helicopters.

It is supposed to rain until Saturday. So I will try to fly when it stops raining.

I read that B400 and wind thread. It is a little over my head. I know when I move the sticks the helicopter will move and that is good enough for me. RCHeli mag explained some of that with pictures. It was still over my head.

Have a good day.