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Default RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?


Thanks for the comments on the videos. I am trying to make the backward figure 8 look better. I am slowly getting there. I am just suprised I haven't hit a tree or the neigbors barn/shed. I tend to get very close to them. I would have liked to get the left side where I was flying, but I don't want to risk someone filming if I make a mistake. There is a window that could get the whole thing, but then there would be no sound. I got the camera 5 or 6 years ago. I used to do a lot of filming, but got out of it. Then with the helicopters it is kind of cool to film those so it got me back into it.

The connectors on one of the CPP batterys came out and touched then made a pop, but nothing bad. I got that all worked out and put them back in the JST connector.

It was calm half of my flights then it would pick up for the rest of it. I had to abort some of the moves because the wind put the helicopter in a bad spot.

I really like the Vimeo site. It gives me some idea how long it will take to upload a video and youtube doesn't. I don't think I would ever get one of the videos on youtube. But the videos were really big files.

I hope you get what you ask for on the CPP and maybe put it towards the GAUI 200?

Maybe I can get some one to film me at the baseball field some day.

I am thinking about getting a battery or two with the money I got from selling stuff. Then the extra parts to finish the Belt CP off.

Hope your next helicopter is everything you want it to be.