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Default What would you have done?

Ok, What would you have done?

I drive a float in a 4th of July parade. It is a day cab tractor with a 45ft drop deck trailer. I have a High School band onboard. 15-20 kids plus the band instructor and principal. It was a smooth parade the band sounded great. With about 50 yards to go, four 17-19 year olds decided it would be a good idea to spray silly string in the window of the cab on the driver's side. Silly string OK no harm, BUT they got me in the face and got my wife in the passenger seat. I had to stop because I could not see.
I decided to get out and tell the young men (I use this term loosly) how childish it was and how much danger they could have put everyone in. Now I did not lay a hand on anyone. I just expressed how mad I was.
Would you have gotten out and said anything or grinned and beared it?