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Default RE: 3D at your flying field

in response to traxis tech:
It isn't because they can't do it. It's because they don't want to.
I like to fly in a scale manner. 3D just makes it(the hobby) into a toy. You sound young (=arrogant). Your skills probably aren't developed (at least your mental skills), yet your reflexes probably are. You probably get bored easily and you must push the envelope (to prove your worth?)

I really enjoy a 3D routine , with more than just hovering. When hovering is a part of the total show, it can be enjoyed. The worst example bad 3D I've seen was at a fly-in ion Copan. The Fox guys came over to demonstrate their engines. All they did was hover and blip the throttle on all flights & for the whole flight. Had enough listening to that all day long. They weren't invited back and they lost me as a prospective buyer.

Yet as one of the older guys (just retired), I recognize the need for 3D. The spectators love it, it is extreme, does take skills & reflexes, and the younger guys love to throw the sticks to the corners of the quadrant. Been there done that.

It is unnerving to be on the flightline with a dude hovering right in front of you and he comes off inverted right at you. Some day when you are loaded up with arthritis and can't move as fast as you used to, this will become an issue.

So the point is that we need to have time and area for the extreme flyers. The spectators at an IMAA event don't want to see somebody just shooting touch N go's all day long. Although it requires changes in attitude, airspeed and power settings at the same time. I've seen dudes who can't land, but can do wild aerobatics................ some are still in the hobby.

And, I believe I have done more in my life than you. Have you been supersonic? Actually flown acro, been in air combat?
So rather than belittle the older guys, just remember you will become one of them. Hope I live long enough to see it.

As to one of your clubs, not allowing 3D, I think that is a mistake and could lead to reduced membership, as the older guys stop flying.
Just my thoughts......................................