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Hello all, new to this thread. I have been racin nitro stadium trucks for a few years and just don't have time for the track anymore. I will be investing in a MT as soon as I get my other nitros sold. There are about 4 that I really like and it has been a tough choice. I read the reviews on the MMT in RC car action magazine and it seems like a real beast. What caught my eye was the shear size and some other stuff like the nice XTM rear exhaust and alum. shocks. I have read thru this thread and like all rc's, it seems like this truck has it's good and bad points. I am down to pickin between the MMT, Monster gt 8.0 , Cen GST 7.7 , or the nemisis. I am lookin for a good , tough, reliable basher that I could possibly take to the track sometimes also. In your opinion, is the MMT that truck, or , if money wasn't an issue, would you lean toward something else? Thanks in advance for any input and happy bashin