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Default RE: What would you have done?


wow, thats a pretty low opinion of people..... we were all stupid enough at one point to shoot something (ANYthing) into the cab of a truck that was driving around a lot of people, not to mention students on the back?

Sure, kids need forgiveness much more than violence, but I think most kids need responsibility WAY more then they need forgiveness. If the guy had jumped out of his truck and proceded to beat all of the kids into submission, that would have been wrong... and your comment about violence would make sense... But what we have here is people wanting to see these kids held responsible for what was basically endangerment. Forgive me for being blunt, but to me, the idea that being held resposnible for your actions is the same thing as violence is about as stupid as you can get.

What I see is a society of kids who were shown so much forgiveness, as adults they regularly screw over other people and dont even notice or care. (forgive me, but I was just out driving...)

also just have to ask, if these were adults who had had a drink or 2 before pulling this stunt, do you suppose theyd be out of jail yet?

My specialty growing up in northern New Hampshire was throwing snowballs at cars. Man there was nothing like the sound of a loud "thud" of a baseball size snowball into the side of a car! Then run like "h_LL! But that was 40 years ago. With that tractor rig of yours, be mighty tempting for me today!

Next year, be ready for them with some pepper spray! Or compressed air water spray.