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Default RE: 3D at your flying field

I look at it this way. If you want to attract younger pilots you will need to let them fly in whatever style they like (fly smart and safe though). TO me I like to watch the 3d pilots wring it out, but at the same time I love the scale planes flying in a scale manner. For that matter give me a trainer on a nice day and I'll have fun with that also.

Clubs in general get into problems when they try to "outlaw" a particular flying style. If you don't like the 3D stuff and do not allow it then your club will eventually die out as that is what the younger generation are in to.

People have to be open to change. It is a fact of life.

In my opinion let banning a flying style is just wrong. Let the ones who want to learn how to fly 3D fly it. Let the warbird guy make there high speed low passes. Let the sport fliers fly the pattern with a few loops and rolls. As long as nothing is happening over the runway there shouldn't be a problem.

As far as what is safe, I seen a helicopter explode due to a engine bearing failing and one of the blades land behind the pilot line. I've seen 3d planes hovering low and an engine quit and it fall out of the air. These miniature aircraft are not toys. They can be deadly. They must be respected. But in defense of the flying close to you I can get out of the way of a slow flying if moving at all 3D plane before I can get out of the way of a warbird doing a 100 mph pass that may have radio problems.