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Default RE: What do you think of FORMOST 150 ?

Larry I will try to answer your questions

Did you get your trailing link struts from Digitech, and if so, what number struts did you order? (Yes) don't know the number I just wrote to Sandor and he sent me the correct ones, once I paid for them of course
Did you use Robart 630 retracts? They started our as the 700 series, they sucked, gear would not lock in the down position..sent back to Robart and they converted to air up / down for free.
Did you have to modify them at all? Robart converted, no mods required to fit struts.
Did you have to modify the wheel wells in the center wing section? Yes
I have my ailerons cut to make inboard section flaps. Should there be anything I need to look for, such as high angle of rotation or any roll to left or right? None