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Default RE: What do you think of FORMOST 150 ?

Flew my Formost this last week flew well but had some problem with elevator trim, come to find out one of my elevator servos was unpluged. Flew the intire flight with one elevator servo. Thank god for redundacy. Using DS-821s on the elevator. It has a JJ-1400 and I did all the mods, except glassing the wings, as described in this forum. Also modded with split flaps inside each boom to fuselage. Has an external centerline tank, I made out of Estes parts, for the smoke fluid but have not hooked up the pump yet. Wing loading seems to be fine and JJ-1400 seems to have enouph power but surley not overpowered. Cut a hatch in the bottom forward of nose gear for the 3 2000 MiAmp Lipos. Balanced about 1" forward of spar.