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Default RE: What do you think of FORMOST 150 ?


Too bad we the consumer have to do the R&D

The good news is I now have another airframe, my good friend Flyaway felt bad about my Formost so he lent me his that he didn't finish, so I am bashing away on Formost #2.

Another interesting discovery I made over the weekend is I found out why my Formaot #1 went in, I thought it was a bad hand off of the transmitter...turns out it was a bad right stick on my Futaba 9C Super, don't ask how I discovered this

The worst thing is it was very intermittent and this is why it was not detected right away

The problem manifested itself in the right gimbal, mostly in the aileron. The problem is when you move the stick off center the servo acted like there was expo programmed into the Tx. I could move the stick a ¼” before detecting any servo movement. I don’t use expo so this was my first clue that there was a problem. When I went into the D/R, expo menu to view the graphic the malfunction became very clear. The line representing the stick movement would not move with the stick, then it would intermittently go to 80% , then sometimes 100%
What is really scary the elevator started doing the same thing., lucally I had another radio I could steal the gimbal out of to repair it.

I think I need to have a chat with Futaba.