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Default radio switches snapping off!!!???

arggghhhhhhhh !! I am so mad right now....... Ok so there I am playing with the transmitter (6 channel futaba skyport no more than 5 yeas old) and playing with the dual rate settings because I have always used just high rates. So im just holding the thing moving cntrol surfaces and just sas I move the trainer switch WABLAM!!! it snaps right off!!!! didnt push hard or anything! just out of no where broke off. So after some investigation I am an confident this should not affect me because 1. I dont use trainer and 2. with no tainer cord plugged in the trainer switch doesnt do anything. I was worried that it would switch by itself during flight but im sure it wont because that switch is not activated unless the cord s pluggged in. So ok taht nigtmare is over right?? wrong.
I start flipping the other switches for random reasons and WABLAM!!! channel 6 for retrcts snaps rght off too!!!!!!!!! I cant belief this! Can anyone help me explain this? Now i assure you I dodnt force these swiches they were brittle but I have no idea why. The trasmitter is only a few years old. Wil futaba help me with this