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purchased NIB (stored away by ebayer) a whiplash. Trying to decide on engine to match. Worried about price and launching. I have had a lot of fast wings and was thinking a nelson or q40 Jett FAST. The hi revvinng engines should be a lot quicker then the 50 60 lx... Opinions. maybe jett will set up 50 fire to 22k+

110 mph on shark delta seems slow, reasonable optoins...

never had a race engine, need help. Local RC store seems to just sell me the most expensive

Dont get in over your head here. And its best to keep things simple - speed comes from reliability, not extreme conditions.

For something like a Whip or DD, a standard Jett SJ-50, perhaps a Jett FIRE 50, or a used Q-500 Nelson or Jett 428 engine can give you a cost effective alternative. Just bolt on a 8.8x8.5 prop to any of these and they will serve you well. No need for anything above 15% nitro really. The engines are easy to operate. Relatively user friendly ..... just stick with that prop and ask questions here when needed. Also, if you are going with a high output engine on the whip, you WILL want a bubble-jett or Tetra bubble-free tank on the aircraft. No alternative to that its somewhat necessary or you will run into fuel foam issues.

In any case here, the plane will be the fastest thing you have ever flown, and it will be a ton of fun. Just don't over think it too much