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Default RE: First Aerobatic Plane

Tennis, To answer your question, yes i own 2 Twists and would highly reccomend it as a first aerobatic model. I have one set up with an OS 40 FP & servos that came right out of a trainer & it flies fantastic. It will hang on the prop at about full throttle if you want it to & when it falls off is very controllable & doesnt do anything stupid. The other one has standard servos with the OS 55 & its ballistic! I have a 14-4 APC W and it will hover at just over 1/3 throttle on 30% heli fuel. Its a GREAT buy at some where around $100 & is flight ready to fly in minutes out of the box. They are more fun to fly when its windy out, since you can slow it down to a foreward flight stand still & play with the throttle to land it right in front of you. There may be better/ worse planes to buy, but you wont be unhappy if you buy a Twist. Set it up on LOW rates until you get used to it, and have fun....Gene