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Default RE: What do you think of FORMOST 150 ?

Geez, an over the top "scratch" build on top of a <$300 airplane and you didn't even mention the real problems - the wings & booms.

All it needs is a strong straight wing set up, a little strength in the booms and a speedbrake. Flaps are nice but really don't solve the landing issue. I put split flaps under my wing roots and that didn't get it either. After freeing up an extra channel, I got crow into the system and now you can almost spot land it, except it handles funny.

But it is sort of ugly and the glass on my fuse is sagging like it's a 100 years old. However, it's got nearly 200 landings and the original, unmodified gear mounts are still there.

Have fun, but it sounds like way too much work!